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Hope Fellowship Outreach, Inc. Donation Options Zelle Send money with Zelle , a new service provided by many banks. You can send funds to us by signing up with the cell phone number associated with your bank account or your email address. This is a free service. For more information go to Direct Bank Deposits Make checks payable to: Hope Fellowship Outreach, Inc. And go to any Bank of America and make deposit Or send to: Bank of America, Westgate Branch, 2101 N. Pearl Street, Tacoma WA 98406. National and International wires transfers Contact us at of by calling 253-224-6136 US or 503-8772 0386 CR For PayPal, or credit card Go to and hit the donate button. We incur a fee for these transactions, but because we are a certificated non profit we only pay about 2%. Very kind of them. Or, just mail a check on a US bank to: Hope Fellowship Outreach, Inc. 2522 North Proctor Street #314 Tacoma, WA 98406 US 253-224-6136 Costa Rica 506-8772-0386

Attention Givers

There IS good news!! The two-trillion-dollar CARES Act stimulus bill recently passed…and stimulus checks will soon make their way to many American’s bank accounts! This is great financial news for so many in our country, and additionally for those with a heart of generosity.


  1. $300 Charitable Giving Deduction:
        If you currently take the standard deduction, you will be able to take an      additional $300 charitable giving deduction in addition to that.      Presently, only those who itemize their income tax deductions are able to      use a charitable deduction. For the rest of 2020, an individual will be      able to deduct up to $300, irrespective of whether or not they itemize      their deductions.

  2. Up to 100% AGI Deduction:
        People who make larger gifts will be able to deduct a much higher amount.      Under current law, an individual may deduct up to 60% of their adjusted      gross income (AGI) for charitable deductions of cash. The stimulus package      lifts that restriction so that an individual can make a gift only of cash      and deduct it up to 100% of their AGI for the year 2020. This is an      election, so the donor who wants to use this provision must tell the IRS.

        Corporations have much greater incentives to make charitable gifts.      There’s also a substantial benefit for corporate charitable gifts.      Usually, this is limited to 10% of taxable income for the corporation. That      limit has been increased to 25% of the taxable income, making charitable      gifts much more attractive to many companies.


As always, for any charitable gift that may impact your tax filing, we encourage you to speak with your tax professional.