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About Pastor Carlos and Eufemia

Pastor Carlos and his wife, Eufemia are two very special people. They live in Martinis Bustos, Costa Rica and lead a church in this very underprivileged neighborhood. Pastor Carlos worked a second job and bought the land to build the church. They give of their time and resources every day to ensure that those in need are physically and spiritually taken care of. Carlos and Eufemia have a heart for children. Every week, 60 children come into their church to hear the good news of the Gospel. 

About the Church, Casa de Dios puerta del Cielo.

Carlos and Eufemia have a booming ministry. Every week, over 60 children come to hear the good news. On Sunday mornings the church has about 15 adult attendees. Because resources are scarce in their neighborhood, many of the children come hungry and thirsty. Carlos and Eufemia give of themselves every week spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The church is in a underprivileged neighborhood where many homes do not even have running water. Carlos and Eufemia believe that if they can reach the children, this next generation will bring revival for Christ. 


The needs are great for Carlos and Eufemia. To begin, food and drink for the children is a priority as well as educational materials, projects they can do with the children, and basic hygiene items and clothing. Their building is sturdy but they had to put up metal walls because of vicious dogs nearby. This made the church unbearably hot and fans would be an amazing thing for them. Carlos expressed his desire for seating for the congregation, a projector, and cups a way to play music at the church. 


Items               Quantity      Cost

Chairs                    50           $35 ea

Lg Tables                 2           $75 ea 

School Supplies   40           $ 45  ea  

Communion set     1            $150

Projector                 1            $300

Computer               1            $350


Gas money                          $20 monthly

Meal Program                    $300 Monthly

Pastors Stipend                 TBD

How can I help?

Check out our donate tab to give to Hope Fellowship Outreach: Pastoral Support. If you would like  to give specifically to Carlos and Eufemia, please send an email and we will update you with a receipt and photos when those needs are met. Thank you for prayerfully considering sponsoring this amazing chur

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