Pastor Pablo and his wife Etilma


About Pablo and Etilma

Pastor Pablo and his wife Etimla lead Renacer Church in Belen, Costa Rica. They are strong believers and their biggest desire is to disciple young Christians in their faith so that the Gospel spreads in their area. 

About Renacer Church

Renacer Church is a light that shines in the community of Belen. The building itself was built from the ground up by the church. Renacer church has about 100 members. 


Renacer Church and Pastor Pablo have many needs. Their building is open air and on days that it rains it is very difficult to meet together as water leaks from the celling and into the church from the sides. Access into the church is also very difficult for anyone with a disability. There is a large ditch between the road and the church and a walking bridge is needed for the elderly, or anyone physically disabled. Pablo and Etilma live in Playas del Coco, making their commute to Belen costly and difficult. They often sleep in their car to ensure they are there for the congregation. In addition, Pastor Pablo expressed his desire for training material as he seeks to disciple the next generation. Some other needs include: chairs, instruments, locks for equipment, and food for the needy. 


Items               Quantity      Cost

Chairs                    50           $25 ea

Lg Tables                 2           $75 ea 

School Supplies   40           $ 25  ea      

Projector                 1            $300

Computer               1            $350

Gas stove w/tank 1           $125

Storage room to be built $700

Gas money                          $20 monthly

Meal Program                    $300 Monthly

Pastors Stipend                 TBD

How can I help?

Check out our "donate" tab to give to Hope Fellowship Outreach: Pastoral Support program. If you would like to provide specifically for Renacer Church, please send an email allocating your funds and we will send receipt and photos when their needs are met. Thank you for praying for these Christians as they spread the Gospel and being a part of this ministry! 

Upcoming Mission Trip


We are wishing for a mission team to come and help build a storage area for the equipment and supplies. 5-10 members for 5 days  Cost per person is approximately $500 depending on the number of team members.  This includes hotel, two meals per day, transportation to job site and the materials necessary to construct the project.