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Pastor Yalmar, Sardinal, Costa Rica

 Pastor Yalmar and wife Maria, Costa Rica. They are spreading the gospel to many youth in the area, and are in need of educational, physical, and spiritual support. Would you pray about supporting their program?  

About their church

This is the worship facility at that the pastor constructed.   

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Pastor Yalmar and his congregation have been praying for help and Soporte Pastoral is meeting this prayer request.   

Pastor Yalmar''s needs


Items               Quantity      Cost

Chairs                    50           $35 ea

Lg Tables                 2           $75 ea 

School Supplies   40           $ 29  ea      

Projector                 1            $300

Computer               1            $350

Gas stove w/tank 1           $125

Gas money                          $20 monthly

Meal Program                    $300 Monthly

Pastors Stipend                 TBD

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